Your Spiritual Journey

Your Spiritual Journey  Monday 9 to Friday 13 March 2020

A retreat to support you in exploring your personal spiritual journey, though reflection, art and writing.  We will use a range of guided exercises offering varied approaches; You to decide for yourself how much stimulus you want or need throughout.

This retreat will provide a supportive environment for both novices and experienced journal writers

Life is not static: we are changing all the time and learning who we are.  Our spiritual journeys capture our truth of lived experience.  Explore and take the opportunity to express your unique self: to glimpse and reflect on our “unknowns”.  An aim is to involve “wonder”- to hold your life story still long enough to affirm being alive.  Our individual histories are dotted with moments when the reality of the Holy breaks through into our everyday lives, and we catch a glimpse of the sacred!

It is a great Quaker tradition to write a spiritual journal from George Fox onwards.  As Quakers have no creeds or doctrines we need to think about and answer the question “What canst thou say?  Is it inwardly from God?” (Two questions George Fox asked in Ulveston church in 1652.).  So it is important to try and articulate our thoughts, and find words to express our experiences.  Otherwise we may find our spiritual life can “shallow out” or lack meaning.

Each time we tell the story of our spiritual journey, we make connections we had not seen before.  Sometimes by looking at our past, we can we discover and affirm God’s presence at work, which we had not noticed until we look back at that time.

Though doing this work we can find a language to describe our personal felt experience, and find words to express the inexpressible.

This retreat offers exploration of journaling’s function in our lives, ideas for starting, and a time and space to explore our own authentic voices.  A joyous celebration of our written words.  A beautiful space, a sacred space, come let us explore the theme together.  

This retreat will be led by Cindy Metcalfe and Zee-Zee Heine.

Cindy says “Having kept a journal for many years, it is now a habit of expression.  Beginning as a reflective practice, it is my go to, my friend and companion on this life journey. Everything goes in it and anything considered or decided or to be processed.  A collected world of wisdom and ‘ditties’, things of wonder thrown on my path and things curious, odd or that make no sense. Eclectic in my enjoyments, I now rarely look back at.  It’s there, it’s lived.”

Zee-Zee says, “I also have used journal writing over many years to explore ideas and my thinking.  However I have never had the time to link all the different bits together and write my whole spiritual journey as fully as I would like.”

Zee Zee has been leading workshops for many years.  She is currently a Kindler, leading workshops for Quakers round the country on themes such as Deepening Worship, Prayer and Vocal Ministry.

This retreat will be held at the Quaker Community.  The community is based in a large old building which is warm and comfortable and has 11 acres of its own grounds. The vegetarian food provided by the community is much appreciated by visitors.

There will opportunities to join in the Community’s twice daily worship.

The retreat will start with supper at 6pm on Monday 9 March 2020 and end after lunch on Friday 13 March. You would be welcome to arrive any time after 4pm on Monday afternoon.  The cost for the whole retreat is on a sliding scale according to what you feel you can afford between £ 220 to £380 

For further details or for a booking form please contact us.