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Who we are

The Quaker Community was set up as a Housing Co-operative in 1988 by a group of Quakers who had looked for a long time for a suitable property to fulfil their desire to live in community and who finally settled upon the no longer required offices of the Derwent Valley Water Board.

This group of buildings included a drawing office for the technical work on the Derwent Valley dams, a “caretaker’s cottage,” a coach house and tack room, and a room which housed the safe.

All these still exist and provided space for some 20 residents, mainly families, in houses, flats and single rooms. The story of their life together is told in a fascinating new book by Rachel Rowlands entitled “An adventure shared with Friends,” which is available here or you should be able to order it from your local bookshop.

People came and went during the next 22 years, and in early 2010, when several community members decided to leave, those remaining agreed to lay down the existing group and advertise for Friends to explore forming a new one.

Following a series of weekend gatherings a new vision and plan for the community emerged: a charitable company with a resident Community of up to twelve, with the rest of the accommodation for welcoming groups and individual Friends on short stays and facilitated or individual retreats.