Spring Openings and Leadings 20-24 March 2015

This retreat leads us up to the time of the Spring Equinox, a time when the days begin to be longer than the nights, the periods of light longer than those of darkness.

We will be looking at what it was, at a time of deep civil and spiritual unrest not unlike our own, that gave early Friends the strength and joy to recognise the Light and respond to the leadings of God, despite how cruelly they were reviled, attacked, imprisoned and worse.

As Quakers we have a history and reputation for engaging with the ills of the world, from war and slavery to economic injustice and climate change. We will explore where this inheritance of ‘mending the world’ may speak to us in our present times.

It is an inheritance which can inspire and sustain us in our own efforts, but which can also feel like a hard act to follow. How can we, individually or as a Society, respond to the promptings of love and truth in our hearts in a way which will make a difference? Where are we now led, and what are the challenges? Where can we find the support and inspiration we need to make our lives speak?

The retreat will use Quaker writings over the centuries to the present day, and include sessions of qigong, walks, periods of silence, creative expression, and worship-sharing. On one of the evenings, depending on the weather, we hope to have a session sharing songs, supper, poems and epilogue round an equinox bonfire.

Charges are on a sliding scale from £240 – £150 for the 4 days. You are welcome to arrive at any time from 2pm on the Friday, and we will finish with a closing session after lunch on the Tuesday.

As always, we welcome those wishing to stay after the retreat on a self-catering basis. For such guests we will offer a daily session with space to reflect on what has arisen during the retreat.