Real Food (all ages): Retreat 23-25 October; Activity Days 25-30 October 2015

Note: this retreat and activity days take place in school half-term and we have designed them with that in mind. They can be booked separately or together. The retreat will look at how we can create good meals in line with our concerns, while the food-related and other activities will be geared to those who come.

Food is of fundamental importance. We all must eat to stay alive. Before reading on, take a few moments to consider these questions:

What do I want from my food?

What are the issues I can see around food?

On the retreat we will approach these questions in a variety of ways, share our answers, and hopefully arrive at a clearer idea of what “Real Food” might be. We will be inspired and strengthened in following the Quaker testimonies of simplicity, peace, sustainability and equality in this (literally) vital area of our lives and we will apply our findings in the kitchen.

In the following days there will be food and other activities suitable for all ages, which will keep in mind our idea of “Real Food.” These may range from biscuit-baking to bean sprouting, from making an exhibition to searching for wild food, from gardening to games.

Expertise within the community includes bread-making using different types of wheat and rye; vegan cookery; sprouting beans and seeds; preserve-making, including chutneys; organic growing of fruit and veg, a range of artistic talents and more. We hope that participants will bring along their own ideas for “Real Food.”