New Year Retreat 30 December to 3 January 2015

 The retreat will be facilitated by the residents of the Quaker Community. You are welcome to arrive from 4pm on Wednesday 30th December.  The retreat starts with supper at 6.30 p.m. and finishes with a closing session after lunch on Sunday 3rd January,  Charges are on a sliding scale from £290 – £180.

Aims of the retreat

  • An opportunity to mark the turn of the year with us at the Quaker community in Bamford, worshipping, reflecting, eating and having fun together
  •  Reflection on the events of 2015 for us as individuals, in our communities and the world – to notice what has been good, what has been difficult, what have we learned, what we’re grateful for, and what we’d like to let go
  • Looking forward to 2016:What is our vision for ourselves, our communities, the world? Where will the year take us?

The programme will have a mixture of sessions, all optional – reflective, worship sharing, creative and practical, including:

    • Box and scrapbook making – aspects of your life you’d like to let go or to take forward
    • Taking forward the light of the old year into the new at midnight on 31st December
    • Bonfire – an opportunity to let go of and set fire to any ‘dead wood’
  • Paper boat making, and a gentle walk to the river to set afloat our hopes for 2016
  • Sharing tasks to clear space in the grounds for new growth, create a habitat or sanctuary for self or wildlife, develop spaces in the Community’s buildings
  • An extended (2 hour) Meeting for Worship with Hope Valley Quaker Meeting on Sunday

We will seek guidance from the group as to whether to hold some of the sessions and/or meals in silence. There will also be free time every day for a couple of hours after lunch for resting, walking, reading, additional sessions led by guests, individual creative work, or helping in the gardens, grounds or buildings. We all take a share in the preparation of meals and washing up.

You may want to bring writing or art materials, musical instruments (we have a piano, guitar and ukulele), a ‘party piece’ if you have one for a possible DIY concert, perhaps round the bonfire (a song, poem, short reading, game, etc), offers of sessions you may like to hold during the free time slots, or suggestions for Epilogues.