Meditation and Mindfulness 9-11 October 2015

This meditation and mindfulness weekend offers a chance to meditate with others, with an experienced teacher, in a beautiful setting

Over the weekend we will be practising two types of meditation, the focussed awareness of Mindfulness and the broad awareness of Pure Awareness also called Just Sitting. We will also have time for sharing and discussion about meditation, a chance to ask questions, and time for a walk on Saturday afternoon in the beautiful Peak District.

Mindfulness is an extremely popular form of meditation as it has been much researched and shown to be effective at relieving stress, anxiety, guilt and other negative mental states. The weekend will include different types of mindfulness including the classic mindfulness of breathing, mindfulness of an object such as a stone, mindfulness of the senses, such as seeing hearing tasting and touching, and mindfulness while sitting, standing and walking.

Pure awareness is a completely different form of meditation, as different forms suit different people. Both will be guided so will suit complete beginners and also more experienced meditators who would like a gentle and relaxing weekend meditating with others.

The weekend will be led by Zee-Zee Heine, who is a Quaker and a Buddhist and is an experienced meditation teacher. She says, “I am grounded in Buddhism after being a Buddhist for nearly 20 years. While I am not planning to bring any Buddhist teaching into the weekend, Buddhism has hugely changed my attitude and perspective to life.”

If you have not visited us before you may be pleased to know that the community is based in an old building which is warm and comfortable. The vegetarian food is always popular. It has 11 acres of its own grounds.

The weekend will start with supper at 6pm on Friday and end on Sunday in time for people to catch the 2.35pm train if they need to. You would be welcome to arrive any time after 2pm on Friday afternoon. The cost for the whole weekend is on a sliding scale according to what you feel you can afford between £90 and £140.


Friday evening will start with introductions to each other and to the weekend. We will then have a short meditation before epilogue.

On Saturday morning there will be an optional early mindfulness walk, before joining the community for morning worship. After breakfast the morning will focus on mindfulness meditation and will include time for sharing and some input on dealing with difficulties and hindrances. After lunch there will be an opportunity to go for a walk or have free time for a nap or reading or anything you would like to do. After tea and homemade cake, there will be a session on broad awareness meditation including the opportunity to practise it.

There will be sessions after supper and on Sunday morning before the Hope Valley Quakers Meeting for Worship, but what exactly they consist of will depend on the group. The weekend will be rounded off with a short closing after lunch on Sunday.