Creativity and Spirituality 4-6 December 2015

‘That is beautiful which springs from inner need, which springs from the soul.’ (Kandinsky)

From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon we will explore together what creativity and spirituality mean to us. The weekend will include drawing from nature, worship sharing, experimenting with various materials and techniques, sharing artists whose work and journeys have inspired or spoken to us, and thinking about where we next want to take our spirituality and creativity.

“The secret of true creativity is inner attention, without desire or expectation.  It requires us to go into the silence and darkness within and draw out what we find there.’         (Lynette Howells Moore)

Through different drawing and painting techniques and worshipping together we can be open to the intent of being at one with the layers we accumulate from our life, to look at these and find a still point, to let intuition and awareness help us create from there. Hasidic philosophy talks about the ability to  ‘…step away from the externalities of the thing and, disregarding its outer form, gaze into its innerness, perceive its essence. In this way the artist sees new meaning and the object is revealed as it has never been seen, causing the one who looks at it to perceive it in another truer light.’

The rest is up to us. Let’s find it together.

The retreat will be facilitated by Norman, an artist who lives at the Community.