The Gift of Knitting 30 Nov – 2 Dec 2018

The Gift of Knitting (Crocheters welcome too)

Which friends and charities do we knit for? Reflecting on the health and social benefits of knitting and its usefulness as a mindful meditation.

Led by Judy Frith, Associate member with support from Community members Linda Southwick and Amanda MacKenzie

This is a facilitated weekend to share the craft of knitting for ourselves and for communities locally and further afield. The weekend is for those with some knitting or crochet experience, there will be no traditional teaching workshops although we will skill share informally.

Programme sessions will focus on:

  • Sharing our experiences of knitting for friends, charities and other social projects
  • Knitting as a meditation aid
  • Qigong and yoga exercises for knitters
  • Knitting projects such as slippers for the community and its visitors or your own current work

Participants are asked to bring;

  • Your current project
  • Needles, hooks, scissors and sewing equipment
  • Wool from your stash
  • Details of any Charity for whom you knit


The cost of this retreat is on a sliding scale from £100 – £165. “Sliding scale” means you decide what to pay based on what you think is the right and fair amount to pay and what your income is.

All our retreats take place at the Community. There will be free time and opportunity to join in the Community’s regular worship.

For more about our vegetarian cooking, (and diets and allergies etc.) about the accommodation and about our beautiful location – follow the links..

For further details or for a booking form contact us.

Or you can download a booking form here