Pilgrimage 11 – 13 May 2018

More and more people are interested in or going on pilgrimage in its many forms.

Traditionally a pilgrim is someone who leaves behind their usual daily routines, ‘to step out of oneself’, to go on a journey in search of spiritual meaning or significance, most often by visiting a destination that has some religious significance, ‘to encounter God’. It could be undertaken alone or with others in a group.

Going on a pilgrimage features in most of the world’s major faiths. In the Christian tradition pilgrimage has not been obligatory but has played a significant part at certain times in its history.


This weekend is an opportunity to explore what pilgrimage is about, the many ideas and views on pilgrimage over the ages, including its spiritual origins and contemporary interpretations and current practice.

As well as some input and a variety of resources to look at, there will also be time for sharing individually and within the group our own experiences and ideas about our inner and outer journeys that pilgrimage invites and encourages.


There will also be an opportunity to take part in a short experience of pilgrimage by visiting Eyam, our local pilgrim site from the time of the 17th century plague.  It’s a fascinating, sad and uplifting story and we will visit the church and museum in the village to get more of its background and impact.


You are welcome no matter what your ability or capacity is for walking. Part of the joy and challenge of pilgrimage is to be as inclusive as possible, open to whatever may be opened to you at the time.


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For those wanting to walk some or all of the Peak Pilgrimage from Ilam to Eyam this could be arranged for immediately after the weekend.  The full route is 43 miles and can be split into a variety of stages spread over several days, setting off each day from the community and returning at the end of the day. Depending on interest we may walk one day, several days or the whole journey.

There may also be an opportunity to join in the pilgrimage walk for those unable to attend the weekend itself.


The weekend will be facilitated by Stephan Ball. Stephan is a long time Quaker and has a passionate interest in pilgrimage, having walked to Santiago de Compostela amongst several others.

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The cost for the whole weekend is on a sliding scale between £ 100-£165. “Sliding scale” means that you decide what to pay based on your circumstances and what you think is the right and fair amount to pay.

The weekend will start with supper at 6pm on Friday and end on Sunday lunch time. You would be welcome to arrive any time after 4pm on Friday afternoon.

There will be free time and an opportunity to join in the Community’s regular worship.

For more about our vegetarian cooking, (and diets and allergies etc.) about the accommodation and about our beautiful location – follow the links.

For further details or for a booking form contact us.

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