Retreats & Courses 2018/9

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Note that this list covers all of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019.

2018 (and early 2019) PROGRAMME

16 – 18 February:      Exploring Community

Join us for work, worship and exploration of the whys and hows of community living. £40 – £70

9 – 11 March:      Final Farewells

By exploring funerals and their rituals we will be brought face to face with our own mortality. Sharing and listening together we can find the support and courage needed.  £100 – £165

29 March – 3 April:      Hun Yuan Qigong

This retreat offers intensive contemporary Qigong: work with balance, posture and habitual tensions of mind and body to integrate physical well-being into a holistic practice.  £235 – £395

16 – 22 April:      Spring Gardening with Yoga

A working retreat helping us to prepare our gardens for spring planting, with gentle yoga to relax and stretch the muscles that gardeners use the most. Reflective evenings to follow active days.  £170 – £275

11 – 13 May:      Pilgrimage

Exploring pilgrimage as inner and outer journey enables us to reflect more on who we are and where we belong. The retreat includes a visit to a local pilgrim site.  £100 – £165

18 – 20 May:      Exploring Community

Join us for work, worship and exploration of the whys and hows of community living. £40 – £70

8 – 10 June :      Singing in Summer

Singing is an accessible way to connect to the energy of high summer and the abundance of the natural world. The songs are short and easy – no singing experience is needed.  £100 – £165

16 – 22  July :   “Mowing the Meadow”

Join us in the traditional scything and sickling of the wildflower meadow, and other summer management of our grounds, paths and woodlands, with reflective sessions relevant to our lives today.  £170 – £275

18 – 28  August :      Family Summer Camp

Campfires, sing-songs, walks,  bouldering, crafts, laughter and loving, old friends and new. School-age families, rooms in the house if needed. For rates see the linked page.

6 – 9 September:      Walking, Words and Wonder

This retreat will mix the physical, the reflective, and the creative through walking, journaling, and creative writing. All levels welcome.  £145 – £245

14 – 16 September:      Exploring Community

Join us for work, worship and exploration of the whys and hows of community living. £40 – £70

25 – 28 October:      Meditation and Qigong

Autumn reflections and strengthening the lungs through Qigong practices.  Mindfulness and meditation in relation to the season of autumn and the elements.  £145 – £245

12 – 18 November:      Woodland Working Week

Learn practical wood and woodland management skills. Coppice hazels and willows. Harvest ash and alder poles. Split logs and stack for firewood. Reflect on our witness to sustainability.  £170 – £275

30 November – 2 December:      The Gift of Knitting

Which friends and charities do we knit for?  Reflecting on the health and social benefits of knitting and its usefulness as a mindful meditation.  £100 – £165

30 December 2018 – 3 January 2019:      New Year Retreat 2018

A relaxed and informal gathering to mark the turn of the year. Share cooking, craft activities, walks, and reflective sessions as we let go of the old and welcome the new.  £190 – £320


18 – 20 January:       Exploring Community

Join us for work, worship and exploration of the whys and hows of community living. £40 – £70

1 – 3 February:      Gamelan Orchestra

The hypnotic spiritual music of Java and Bali given a Derbyshire twist. With nature as our guide we will assemble a range of simple instruments and create music inspired by the rhythms of the Peak District.  £100 – £165

28 February – 3 March:      Meditation and Buddhism

Meditation can enable us to acquire equanimity, peace and happiness.  Our attitude and actions, can help or hinder this.  Buddhism provides many practical tools to take the stillness and composure we find in meditation into everyday life.  £145 – £245


Our charges

The cost of our retreats is set on a sliding scale with the aim that they will be affordable for those on low income.  Some bursary help beyond the stated charges may be available – please apply.

Children and young people

  1. Family Summer Camp: families with children are particularly welcome for this event.
  2. Please enquire about bringing children at other times. There are different rates for children and young people.

Your suggestions for our programme

Is there something else you would like to see in our programme? Please contact us to suggest or offer a course.