Singing in Nature 2 – 4 June

Watching a sunset on a warm evening…..

Listening to the call of birdsong….

Noticing the first snowdrops push through…

Smelling the damp earth after rain

Feeling at peace with yourself and the world…..

These experiences of stillness and connection are magical. Singing is a perhaps surprising and very accessible way to connect to that special world. For this retreat you do not have to be a trained singer or member of a choir. We learn by ear and all singers are welcome, especially people new to singing.

Starting indoors we learn a few easy songs that we can take out into nature, songs which can be sung all together and sometimes in harmony. We will practise some simple exercises to connect with the senses and then take that awareness out into the countryside where we will find secluded places to sing and enjoy our surroundings.

As the singers tune in to each other it is as if the music leads and the singers can let go of any concerns about ‘getting it right’. Sometimes we move, sometimes we just listen but always we have connection to the sacred.

When sung repeatedly, in an open hearted way, the harmonies create an atmosphere of connection and expansion, a feeling of being connected to the energy of the natural world. It is not necessary to have any religious belief to enjoy this kind of singing. A playfulness and willingness to take part are all that is needed to enjoy.

Trisha Morgan is an experienced natural voice workshop leader with a passion for sacred singing.  This modern form of sacred singing, celebrated at the Findhorn community for many years, offers a very enjoyable access to deeper levels of connection with self and others. No experience of formal singing is needed just a willingness to enjoy singing together. 


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