Hun Yuan Qigong 28 April – 1 May

This retreat teaches the set of Hun Yuan level 1 Qigong exercises which are for beginners and intermediate practitioners and derive from a collaboration between Master Ma Bao Guo of Beijing and Master Chris Chappell of The Institute of Contemporary Qigong (website

The movements of Hun Yuan Qigong train body and mind to release soft tissue adhesions and habitual tensions and so achieve relaxed natural alignments of the body structures.

They produce balance, coordination, strength and flexibility through the joints of the spinal column and of the limbs. This reduces risk of injury and leads to comfort and long life of the joints.

Hun Yuan Qigong has a special effect on energising the enteric nervous system. We know from the work of Robert Schleip that a relaxed but dynamic belly stimulates many non-voluntary functions including the endocrine system. 90% of the body’s serotonin (a crucial mind moderating hormone) is produced there.

Each exercise is based on a shrink and grow principle within the natural alignments of the body, balancing oppositional forces to produce a ‘tensegrity’- a springiness that enhances the joy of movement throughout an individual’s life.

The set is taught by Mark Adams a certified teacher of Hun Yuan Level 1 since 2013 and a Qigong and Bagua practitioner since 1999.


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All our retreats take place at the Community. The cooking is vegetarian – for more about this see here.  For details about the accommodation see here.  We are very fortunate indeed to enjoy a beautiful location – see here (one day we will set up a slide show . . . or maybe not, it might spoil the surprise.