Retreats & Courses 2017

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20 – 22 January:      Exploring Community

Join us for work, worship and exploration of the whys and hows of community living. £50 – £80

24 – 26 February:      “When My Time is Up

One day we are going to die. What do we do? How do we react? Reflecting on these questions will help us face our fears and prepare for a good death.  Led by Anna and Daniel Wimberley   £100 – £165

24 – 26 March:      Green Spirituality

What in the natural environment and in living sustainably inspires our faith? What are the roots of our testimony to live sustainably? This retreat will explore Quaker spirituality in relation to sustainable living.  Led by Zee Zee Heine, Ian Marshall and Andrew Taylor-Browne.   £100 – £165

28 April – 1 May:       Hun Yuan Qigong

Learn a set of 10 exercises from the Institute of Contemporary Qigong. Develop more balance, patience and concentration. Release habitual tensions of mind and body. Ideal for seekers wanting to integrate physical well-being into a holistic practice.  Led by Mark Adams.    £145 – £245

9 – 14 May:       QVA Spring Planting Retreat

A mix of seasonal garden tasks and reflective sessions on this popular QVA retreat. Our work in the garden includes preparing the ground, sowing seeds, and planting out.  Led by Linda Southwick and Zee-Zee Heine  £100 – £160

26 – 29 May:       Meditation

We experience a variety of meditations, including mindfulness meditation, and look at the ideas that underpin the practice to take the stillness and composure we find in meditation into the rest of life.  Led by Zee Zee Heine. £145 – £245

2 – 4 June:       Singing in Nature

Bridge the gap between the mundane and the sacred. Learn short, easy to learn songs, some in harmony, then take a walk outside, until we find a secluded spot, where we let our voices ring out.  Led by Patricia Morgan.  £100 – £165

14 – 20 August:       “Mowing the Meadow”

We scythe the wild-flower meadow, tend the organic vegetable gardens, look after the pathways through the woods and prepare the grounds for Family Camp   £170 – £275

26 August – 4 September:       Family Summer Camp

Campfire cooking, walking, bouldering, crafts, woodland dens and swings, and more. Laughter and loving, old friends and new. School-age families and helpers welcome. Campfire cooking, bouldering, crafts, woodland dens and swings, and more. School-age families and helpers welcome.  All in rates per day, including food: Camping: Adults £20, Teens £15, under 12 £10.   In the House: Adults & Teens £25, under 12 £20.

5 – 8 October:        Meditation and Qigong

Enjoy a long weekend to re-energise and feel at peace through the practises of meditation and qigong in a beautiful setting. Led by experienced teachers Linda Southwick and Zee-Zee Heine. £145 £245

13 – 19 November:     Woodland Working Week

On this popular retreat we use traditional techniques to achieve an ever more bio-diverse and ever more productive woodland and wetland   £170 – £275


This retreat now features Gavin Phillips of Shed Therapy – expert greenwood worker and teacher.

1 – 3 December:       Exploring Community

Join us for work, worship and exploration of the whys and hows of community living. £50 – £80


Our charges

The cost of our retreats is set on a sliding scale with the aim that they will be affordable for those on low income.  We ask that you discern what to pay on this scale. Some bursary help beyond the stated charges may be available – please apply.

Children and young people

  1. Family Summer Camp: families with children are particularly welcome for this event.
  2. Please enquire about bringing children at other times. There are different rates for children and young people.

Your suggestions for our programme

Is there something else you would like to see in our programme? Please contact us to suggest or offer a course.