“When my time is up . . .” 23-25 September 2016


In this retreat we can reflect on our experiences of death and end of life, share insights and perspectives and hopefully emerge as being better prepared for the inevitable. The aim is that we all support each other as we explore these issues from many angles – philosophical, theological and practical – and allow emotions to surface which may go with them.

There is the opportunity to join in the twice-daily community worship and there will be enough free time for personal reflection, rest, off-the-plan discussions or alternative activity to the work of the retreat.

Genesis of the retreat

The impulse to Anne and Daniel offering this retreat has been noticing in themselves that they are not getting any younger. In addition they have both had the privilege of accompanying their mothers at the end of their life and this has brought the issues into focus as they tried to be part of enabling a “good death” to happen.

The retreat

The beauty of being in a group like this is that each person brings their experiences, their insights and their mind-set. By sharing our thoughts and feelings we can teach each other whether it be when someone recognises, with regard to some account, “that’s not for me” or by thinking “ah, there’s a thought” or recognising some problem or idea which they had not seen before.

We will offer ways to ensure that this happens – if you would like to get a more exact idea of how we are planning to go about this, feel free to ask for the programme (which you would receive in its state of development at the time). We aim to be attentive to what participants want to get out of the retreat.

The retreat may touch on any aspect of dying. Resources (for instance practical guides about burial and writing wills) will be available for participants to take away. We will encourage participants to bring resources which they have found useful. In the same way, we plan to display poems, music, art for people to browse, and participants are welcome to bring items for this which will add to the richness of the retreat.


For further details or for a booking form contact us.