Poetry Walking and the Natural World 26-30 October 2016

From Wordsworth’s lonely wandering to Pooh Bear’s plods through the Hunpath 1dred Acre Wood, poetry and walking in the countryside have a long shared history of inspiration and expression.

In both there is an appreciation of starting point, end point and the journey between the two; of pausing, reflecting, and looking both forward and back; of rhythm and pace; of focus and purpose while still being open to taking the path less trodden; of allowing the outside in, and the insidpath and walkerse out.

As we walk through the beauty of the natural world we can experience the expansion of mind as well as lungs, the release of held worries and tensions, the sense of less limited time and space, and the heightened awareness of belonging in creation.

This retreat is an opportunity to mix the physical and the reflective in whatever combination suits you, and we welcome everyone from occasional amblers to experienced ramblers. There will be opportunities for short walks close to the house, meditation walks, longer and long walks further afield, and combined with these the possibility of writing about what you see and find here, or memories of other walks and journeys.

Many walks start from the Community’s doorstep, and vary from a gentle stroll along the old railway track, or following the course of the river along the valley, to more strenuous and challenging climbs up to Bamford Edge or Shatton Moor. All have their beauty, and we will tailor the walks to the desires and capacities of the group, and to the vagaries of the weather – please do bring suitable footwear and waterproofs.

We encourage participants to bring poems, passages or images related to the theme, and will offer sessions on both poetry appreciation and writing. No previous experience is needed, and sessions will encompass the playful, experimental and reflective. We will also offer Bagua walking, meditation and walking the spiral, and welcome offers from participants of additional sessions during the free time if so wished – please let us know. We look forward to welcoming you.