Meditation and Qigong 3 – 5 June 2016

Relax and Revitalise through  the practise of meditation and Qi Gong

Treat yourself to a weekend to re-energise and feel at peace, in a beautiful setting.  This weekend will be a mix of meditation and Qi Gong sessions, and will be led by two experienced teachers.

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Both the Qi Gong and the meditation will be about different aspects of our body.

The Meditation is suitable for both experienced and beginner meditators and is a gentle rather than severe form.

The meditations will include meditations on our senses and awareness of our breathing, which are both forms of mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness is an extremely popular form of meditation as it has been much researched and shown to be effective at relieving stress, anxiety, guilt and other negative mental states.

One session will have a meditation about dealing with hindrances and some discussion about what hinders us from feeling relaxed and positive.

We will also have time for sharing and discussion about meditation, and a chance to ask questions. On Saturday afternoon there will be the opportunity to go for a walk in the beautiful Peak District.

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese system of exercises for health connecting with the seasons.  The weekend will draw on Qi Gong theory to encourage gentle therapeutic exercise to loosen the tendons and muscles.  No experience or equipment is necessary and it can be done in your ordinary every day clothes.

Qigong on the lawn at Bamford
Qigong on the lawn at Bamford

The forms of Qi Gong will include; Yi Jin Jing – liver and tendon strengthening exercises; Butterfly warm-up exercises; Deer Walking; and Primordial Qigong for strengthening the heart.

The Qi Gong sessions will include walking out doors in our beautiful surroundings to absorb the fresh invigorating energy of nature at this time of year.


Linda Southwick has been practising Tai Chi and Qi Gong since 1994. She has travelled to China with the Deyin school and studied with Professor Li learning several Tai Chi and Qi Gong forms.  Linda teaches Qi Gong in prime time at The Dome Doncaster and on HF holidays.  She is also a qualified yoga teacher and offers yoga for gardeners.  She says: “I like to bring a playful and creative approach to learning.”

Zee-Zee Heine has been a Quaker all her life and a Buddhist for nearly 20 years. She is an experienced teacher of meditation teaching in a variety of settings.  She says that the body is good to work with in meditation because it is always with us.


The community is based in an old building which is warm and comfortable and has 11 acres of its own grounds. The vegetarian food provided by the community is much appreciated by visitors.

The weekend will start with supper at 6pm on Friday and end on Sunday in time for people to catch the 2.35pm train if they need to. You would be welcome to arrive any time after 2pm on Friday afternoon.  The cost for the whole weekend is on a sliding scale according to what you feel you can afford between £90 and £150.


For further details or for a booking form contact us.