Family Summer Camp 28 July-6 Aug 2016

Our well-loved family summer camp at Bamford will run for 10 days, starting with a shared supper on Thursday 28th July and finishing with a closing session to say our goodbyes after lunch on Saturday 6th August). The event will be families and helpers only and is most suited to school-age children.

For this retreat we do advise you to book early – this is a popular event and space is limited.

We need everyone to reach agreement about respecting the wildlife, the woodlands, and each other, with the adults in the families being responsible for their children’s safety and behaviour – and if difficulties arise, it is a golden opportunity to practise non-violent conflict resolution!


What happens reflects what all of us, adults and children, identify as our hopes and needs, what we can between us offer as activities, and a realistic assessment of our individual and combined energy and enthusiasm. Most activities will be outdoors so please bring suitable clothing. Last year we …….

  • went swimming in Hathersage pool
  • made translucent paper bowls
  • met old friends and made new ones
  • had lots of bonfires
  • camped in the woods
  • played Dungeons and Dragons
  • had a gymnastic class and display
  • rebuilt the den
  • went boulder climbing
  • learnt the art of Poi
  • cooked on the campfire
  • laughed, cried, talked, sang . . . and . . .
  • didn’t want to leave

We will meet together each day with a ‘morning circle’, to share joys and any difficulties, and to plan the rest of the day. This was a really lovely thing to do last year , and helped to strengthen relationships across age and family lines. We have all-age cross-family teams for the various daily jobs – tending the fire, recycling, cooking, washing up etc. – and seem to be pretty good at looking out for each other, helping each other out when needed, sharing our many skills taking a turn in leading activities so that no-one ends up doing too much, and everyone gets to have fun.


Please be sure when you book to tell us of any dietary requirements so we can try to plan meals accordingly.  We buy in veg, fruit, milk, bread, cereal, pasta, rice, etc. which we all take turns in making into delicious meals.

This works out at just over £6 per person per day, depending on size/age/appetite, so we leave it to participants to assess this when it comes to payment. Extras such as marshmallows, chocolate etc. come from participants’ pockets.

Most meals on site generally use the campfire and/or the “Spider Shed Café” a shed with sitting area, a wood-burning stove and a couple of gas rings. We can also use the Community kitchen in the Main House if we need to, depending on what we are cooking – food stored, prepared or eaten in the Main House will be vegetarian only.


We have camping space for between 5 and 10 tents, depending on size. Bring air beds for comfort – the ground is far from flat – and torches to find your way around after dark. There is running water to the outside sink, and the means to heat it in the famous Spider Shed Café.

The old Signal Box houses a compost loo, and everyone can use the toilets and showers in the Main House as well. Some bedrooms in the house will be available for those not able to camp, at our usual rates (£15-£30 sliding scale)     


For further details or for a booking form contact us.