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19 – 21 February:      Exploring Community

Join us for work, worship and exploration of the whys and hows of community living. £40 – £70

11-15 April:      Spring Planting

Preparing the earth, sowing seeds and planting out – we nurture ourselves in nature. Conversations, relaxation and learning, drawn from nature.  £100 – £160

13 – 15 May:      The World in Our Hearts

Spiritual practices to ground, nurture and guide us in responding to the challenges of our time. How can we make openings for the Light to break in? Led by Laurie Michaelis   £90 – £150

3 – 5 June :       Meditation and Qigong

Treat yourself to a weekend to re-energise and feel at peace through the practices of qigong and meditation in a beautiful setting. Led by experienced teachers from the community, Zee Zee Heine and Linda Southwick.   £90 – £150

17 – 19 June :       Exploring Community

Join us for work, worship and exploration of the whys and hows of community living. £40 – £70

18 – 24 July :   Summer Working on the Land    

Scything the wild-flower meadow, tending the organic vegetable gardens, and looking after the pathways through the woods. Exploring the QVA theme of truth and transformation. Facilitated by Linda and Zee Zee.   £170

28 July – 6 August :      Family Summer Camp

Campfire cooking, bouldering, crafts, woodland dens and swings, and more. Laughter and loving, old friends and new. School-age families and helpers welcome.  Camping: adults £10-£25 per day; children $5-£10 per day;  Food: £6-£10 per day.

16 – 18 September:       Exploring Community

Join us for work, worship and exploration of the whys and hows of community living. £40 – £70

23 – 25 September : “When my time is up . . .”

“Let us count our days, so that we may gain a wise heart.” One day you are going to die. What do you do? How do you react? Reflecting on these questions will help you face your fears and prepare for a good death.   Led by Anna and Daniel Wimberley   £90 – £150

26 – 30 October :       ​Poetry and Walking

Poetry and walking have a long shared history, from Winnie the Pooh to Wordsworth. On this retreat we will combine the two, giving opportunities for both long and short walks, and for writing and sharing the poetry which may come from being in the lovely countryside surrounding the Community.  No previous experience of writing poetry is needed.   £150 –  £260

7 – 11 November:     Woodland Working Week

On this popular retreat we use traditional techniques to achieve an ever more bio-diverse and ever more productive woodland and wetland   £100 – £160

30 December 2016 – 30 January 2017:      New Year Retreat 2016

A peaceful informal gathering to reflect on the old and let it go, prepare for and welcome the new, and celebrate the turn of the year.   £180 – £310


Our charges

The cost of our retreats is set on a sliding scale with the aim that they will be affordable for those on low income.  Some bursary help beyond the stated charges may be available – please apply.

Children and young people

  1. Family Summer Camp: families with children are particularly welcome for this event.
  2. Please enquire about bringing children at other times. There are different rates for children and young people.

Your suggestions for our programme

Is there something else you would like to see in our programme? Please contact us to suggest or offer a course.