Musings and Memories

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Here is a wonderful verse or spoken grace written by Hugh during our October 2019  Living with Stillness Retreat, reflecting not only on the silence but also the beautiful meals we shared both silent and spoken.

The Feast of Silence

Fancy a morsel?

If you’re peckish

Try a bite of stillness.

There, how was that?

Just a precious moment 

A silent bite –

Or maybe you’ve not eaten for a while

So, a Sharing Platter!

Enough silence for all

But remember please

Give a little peace to your neighbour.

Now, perhaps you are still hungry?

Here comes the main course –

A whole bowl of stillness, with side dishes

Crafted careful by each one of us, with our thoughts;

Warm, sour, dry, bitter, cold, sweet, hot

Some may be too spicy for our liking

But now mix together these wordless bowls

And eat your fill! Leave in your mind no words 

Fill your heart and soul with care

There! The Feast of Silence.