Living with Stillness

Living With Stillness Thursday 3 October to Sunday 6 October 2019

This retreat will be led by Zee-Zee Heine and the Experiment with Light sessions by Cindy Metcalfe.

Time out just to be.. This is a chance to step into Stillness.

There will be opportunity to join with members of the community for Meeting for Worship twice a day and optional short sessions of Experiment with Light to start and end the day.  We will be spending time together and in solitary practice, as desired, away from our busy lives.  There will be the option to check in as a group once a day or one to one.  Suggestions for using the silence will be offered including art materials, journal writing, mindful eating, mindful walking, reflective quotations, lecto divina, and suggestions for walks in the area.

This retreat will be based on/ adapted to the wishes of people on retreat.  So if desired there may be one or more input sessions, a longer experiment with Light session, a group silent walk, one or more meditation sessions, and possibly a longer Meeting for Worship on Sunday with Hope Valley Quakers.

This retreat will have extended periods of silence, starting before the evening meal on the first day until after the morning Meeting for Worship on Sunday morning.  At the end of the retreat there will be an opportunity to share your experience of the retreat with the other participants if desired.

This is a three day fully catered retreat in the beautiful landscape of the Hope Valley and the High Peak.  The vegetarian food provided by the community is much appreciated by visitors.

The weekend will start at 6pm on Thursday and end after lunch on Sunday (in time for to catch the 2.35pm train if you need to). You would be welcome to arrive any time after 3pm on Thursday afternoon.  

The cost for this retreat is on a sliding scale between £ 165 -£285. “Sliding scale” means you decide what to pay based on what you think is the right and fair amount to pay and what your income is.

Zee-Zee Heine, has been a Quaker all her life and a Buddhist for nearly 20 years.  She has facilitated many retreats both Buddhist and Quaker and has been on more silent retreats than she can count.  She is currently a Kindler.  Zee-Zee says “it is good to take time out and reconnect with stillness.”

Cindy says: 

As a Quaker for over 25years; the Experiment with Light, has been part of my Spiritual Journey, done on a monthly basis as part of a Light Group. It never ceases to amaze me at the insightfulness and honouring of the human condition it brings. I’ve  often been minded of the strength and fortitude the Light gave early Friends in knowing ‘things eternal’. And am so looking forward to our time spent together in this practice. This is a shortened version of EwL adapted for the Quaker Gathering at Warwick, of which I was part, and offered now to complement the ‘Into Stillness’ Retreat mornings and evenings.

More information about The Experiment with Light

The Experiment with Light derives from terms used by early Quakers.

We need to set aside our expectations or assumptions, and our endless desires to think, plan, fix and analyse. If we are ‘still and cool’ from our own thoughts, we can simply allow an answer to ‘what is really happening to me in this Quiet Retreat?’ to arise without inner comment. With a clear understanding of that, we have a ‘place to stand in’ as Frances Howgill said, and that in turn can open new possibilities as to how we move forward.

We will try the experience of waiting in the Light. Settle into quietness and allow ourselves  use of this ability to see what is really going on within us. It will enable us to see some of the truth about ourselves. During this new experience and place at the Quaker Community in Bamford, we take time to wait in the Light, to see what is actually happening within us on this Quiet Retreat. This may give our experience of the stillness and silence both more depth and more coherence.

Format: we will use a series of six prompts, with 4 or 5 minutes silence between each, these are guided steps to lead us into an openness to what is in our hearts. At the end of this time, we will have five minutes to reflect on the experience, and then a chance to speak about what happened in the meditation to one other person. This is only if it seems helpful to you at this point to speak. Anything said must remain completely confidential- and we do not comment or offer advice on what is shared. We are offering to be witnesses to each other, if that is useful, not to intervene in the work of the Light within. If you do not wish to speak, offering that space where another may speak freely is in itself a valuable service.