Food 4 the Soul

Monday 17th – Friday 21st February. £220-£380

Four family friendly days of cooking, eating and storytelling in our large, well equipped vegetarian kitchen with it stunning views over the Hope Valley.

Food for the Soul is an invitation to participate in the sacred dimension of cooking and eating the abundance that nature offers us. 

Beginning the retreat with afternoon tea at 4 pm on Monday will we finish the retreat after a simple lunch on Friday.

“Food for the body is not enough.  There must be food for the soul”. Dorothy Day

Food is far more than just nutrients to stay alive.  It nourishes our soul and carries significant meaning in ceremonies, special events, festivals and gatherings to express care and love for others and ourselves.

Food for the Soul is an opportunity to explore caring for our planet in the same way we care for our bodies, in whatever small ways we can manage.  The climate emergency demands that we are more thoughtful of our food choices, thinking about where our food comes from, eating locally and seasonally, cooking simply but not compromising on taste.

The meaning of food varies from person to person.  But the focus is so often “a desperate mixture of fear, guilt and shame” Jay Rayner. The aroma of a certain food can send us back in time to a feeling for the past or a  wish for the future.  Food serves memory, which deepens experience. We seek to find a balance in celebrating food from a spiritual perspective, while enjoying and being thankful for the abundance available to us.

This will be a practical retreat, we will cook and eat together, as well as sharing our own food stories and experiences about what food means to us. We will also be exploring bread making and a variety of vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Do you have a favourite recipe (vegetarian or vegan) you wish to share? Let us now in advance and we will ensure we have the ingredients available. 

Everyone welcome whether single, couples or families. 

Please complete a booking form or contact us for more information.