Family Summer Camp

Family Summer Camp at the Quaker Community Bamford 


Family Summer Camp 2019 is going ahead this year but due to a variety circumstances we can no longer offer a catered event and it will not be facilitated by members of the community. Long term friends of the community and camp will be be organising the event. Therefore it will be less structured than previous years and each family will be responsible for their own food, however the organisers do anticipate that some sharing of meals will happen and will be organised on a more informal basis. The pricing structure of the week as been adjusted accordingly.

Camping: Adults £10 per night, 18 and under £5 per night, under 2s free

In House: Adults £20 per night, 18 and under £15 per night, under 2s free

We have left the information below as a guide to some of the activities which may take place. Please contact the Community for more information.

Our family summer camp at Bamford runs for 10 days, starting with shared supper on arrival day and finishing with after lunch on leaving day to say our goodbyes. The event is for families and helpers only, most suited to those with school-age children, and is open to Quakers and others. 

We need everyone to respect the wildlife, the woodlands, and each other, with the adults in the families being responsible for their children’s safety and behaviour – and if difficulties arise, it is a golden opportunity to practice thoughtful and non-violent conflict resolution!


All of us, children and adults, take part in planning what happens at the camp, identifying our hopes and needs, what we can offer as activities, and a realistic assessment of our individual and combined energy and enthusiasm. Most activities will be outdoors so please bring suitable clothing, insect repellant, sun cream, torches, etc.

In previous years, among other things, we have been swimming in the open air pool at Hathersage; made translucent tissue-paper bowls and window decorations; met old friends and made new ones; had lots of bonfires and cooked on the campfire; played Dungeons and Dragons; had an all age gymnastic class and display; rebuilt the den; enjoyed gentle Qigong in the meadow; gone boulder climbing and for walks short and long; made angel-sticks and poi and learnt how to use them; gathered copious quantities of blackberries; sung, laughed, cried, talked, and always been reluctant to leave.


Everyone, young and old, meets together each day after breakfast with a ‘morning circle’ to share joys and any difficulties, and to plan the rest of the day. This is a lovely thing to do, and helps to strengthen relationships across age and family lines. Most evenings we gather round the campfire to reflect on the day, maybe sing songs or tell stories.

We have all-age teams for the various daily jobs – tending the fire, recycling, cooking, washing up etc, and everyone looks out for each other, helping each other out when needed. We share our many skills and take turn in leading activities, so that no-one ends up doing too much, and everyone gets to have fun.

Food:   Meals on site generally use the campfire and/or the ‘Spider Shed Café’ – a shed with a sitting area, wood-burning stove and a couple of gas rings. We also use the Community kitchen in the Main House if we need to, depending on what we are cooking – food stored, prepared, or eaten in the Main House will be vegetarian only.

Please let us know of any dietary requirements when you book so we can try to plan food accordingly. We buy in veg, fruit, milk, bread, cereal, pasta, rice etc, and take turns making these into delicious meals. If we run low on supplies, or if ‘extras’ are requested, (sausages, burgers, marshmallows, chocolate etc) we will run a kitty. 


We have camping space for between 8 and 10 tents, depending on size. Bring air-beds for comfort (the ground is far from flat!) and torches to find your way around after dark. Some bedrooms in the house will be available for those not able to camp.

There is an outside sink and water can be heated on the wood burning stove in the Spider Shed Café. There is a compost toilet, and showers, baths and washing machine (50p a go) are available in the Main House.

Prices per day, including food:

Please see note above for new pricing structure

Camping:  Adults £25, Teens £20, under 12s £10   In the house:  Adults £35, Teens, £30, under 12s £20. 

Deposit: £30 per adult non-refundable deposit on registration, and the balance on arrival.      

Enquiries to, and booking form from, Tel 01433 650 085