National website for Quakers in Britain

The national website for Quakers in Britain is here.

The website carries information and materials about every aspect of Quaker faith and action from worship to social witness, from work with young people to Quaker resources.

For a little more information about Quakers, see the foot of this page.

Sheffield Local Meeting

For details of news, events, worship and activities of Sheffield Local Meeting click here.

Northern Friends Peace Board

For info and materials and latest actions in the field of peace-making try the website of the Northern Friends Peace Board

“Northern Friends Peace Board (NFPB) supports and encourages ‘the active promotion of peace in all its height and breadth’. We are a Quaker group founded more than 100 years ago and have been supporting action, reflection, networking and witness for peace since then.”

Quaker Voluntary Action (QVA)

For the last few years Bamford has hosted one of QVA’s Working Retreats. For information about this charity see here.

QVA’s mission is to “provide practical opportunities to put faith into action and to develop new ways of volunteering that meet the challenges of our time.”

Worship at the Community

Members of the Community hold morning worship and evening Epilogue each day.  Morning worship from Monday to Saturday is currently from 8.00 – 8.30 and Epilogue is from 8.30 – 9.00 each evening..

Local Meeting for Worship at the Community

Every Sunday, Hope Valley Local Meeting worships at the Community. This is held at 10.45 – 11.45  followed by Afterwords and refreshments. All are welcome.

Address: Water Lane, Bamford, Hope Valley, Derbyshire, S33 0DA

Phone: 01433 650 085

Email:  mail@quakercommunity.org.uk

A little more about Quakers

Quakerism is a way of life rooted in a transforming experience of the Divine. From this we seek to live out our principles of truth, peace, simplicity and equality, recognising that of God in everyone. Our meetings offer a place of welcome, encounter and spiritual exploration.

There are Quaker meetings all over Britain which offer a place where people can find a real sense of community and are free to challenge, question and explore their own beliefs, values and ideas. Many Quakers describe it as a spiritual home – a place of deep connections; a group of people bound together by an awareness of the sacred in all things and a desire to work together for a more just, peaceful and sustainable world.

From this shared experience, they seek to live lives built on principles of simplicity, equality, truth and peace. It is a faith and a way of life that is both timeless and contemporary.

Quakers are known formally as “The Religious Society of Friends”. Quakers often refer to themselves and to other Quakers as Friends. Further details about the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Britain can be found at: www.quaker.org.uk