Associate Members Leaflet and Standing Order Instructions

Becoming an Associate Member

The Quaker Community at Bamford exists to deepen our spiritual life through twice-daily worship and to give expression to Quaker Testimony. Our retreat programme includes silent, gardening and creative retreats, courses on Quaker approaches to sustainability and community, seasonal celebrations and much more. We also offer the opportunity for short stays, sharing in the life of the community.

As the Community moves into a new era, you can become part of its bold vision of a new kind of Quaker presence and witness in the twenty-first century. We aim to grow an extended community in addition to the Friends living on-site in Bamford. By becoming an Associate Member you can develop an ongoing involvement with the community and its work, nourish your own spiritual life, and provide us with practical, moral and spiritual support.

As an Associate Member the community will offer you:

  • A place of retreat, rest and renewal
  • An opportunity to be involved in the community’s development and to gain insight into the challenges and rewards of community living
  • The chance to gain new skills, e.g. gardening, woodland management, workshop facilitation
  • A newsletter giving updates and announcements of courses or events (normally by email but paper copies are available)
  • A venue for events, courses or retreats you wish to run

In turn, you might

  • Uphold the community through some form of spiritual discipline, for example by keeping to one or both of Bamford’s daily periods of worship at 08.00 and 20.30, or setting aside time to hold the community in the light.  
  • Represent the community in your own meeting, by announcing news, events and other opportunities for involvement, and by displaying information.
  • Visit Bamford at least once a year – on an organised retreat or as a self-catering individual. You should be ready to play a full role in everyday tasks during your stay. This might include washing up, preparing meals and general housework or gardening. We ask for a contribution to community costs of £18/night for self-catering short stays.
  • Make an annual contribution or membership fee, currently £24.
  • Offer to lead courses or retreats at Bamford according your skills and interests. 

To become an associate member please complete and return the form opposite. 

Please return this registration form
either by e-mail to 

or by post to: Associate Members
Quaker Community
Water Lane
Hope Valley
S33 0DA.

I wish to become an associate member of the Quaker Community at Bamford.

We ask for a subscription of £24/year or £2/month.

* I have made a BACS payment / * I enclose my first subscription payment of £….. plus a donation of £……      (cheques to ‘Quaker Community Bamford CIO’).

* I have set up a standing order to the community’s account
Quaker Community Bamford, Triodos Bank, sort code 16 58 10, account number 21004331
First payment date………………..    Frequency……………….     Amount £………

* delete as applicable


Quaker Meeting (optional)


Telephone: ……………………………………… Mobile: ……………………………………………


Your contact details will only be used by the Community to contact you, and will not be given to any third party.